Critical Making: Design and the Digital Humanities, Visible Language journal special issue (49.3)

Guest editor: Jessica Barness
Guest editor: Amy Papaelias
Designer: Jessica Barness
Data Visualizations: Amy Papaelias
Editor: Mike Zender
Publisher: University of Cincinnati

This special issue of Visible Language journal locates where, how and why critical making is emerging in the disciplines of design and the digital humanities, and the ways it might exist in published form.

Visible Language is the oldest peer-reviewed design journal in the world, published continually since 1967.

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Table of Contents + Guest Editors’ Introduction (PDF)

Issue 49.3 Table of Contents:

• Critical Making at the Edges (Jessica Barness, Amy Papaelias)

• Meta!Meta!Meta! A Speculative Design Brief for the Digital Humanities (Anne Burdick)
• Clues. Anomalies. Understanding. Detecting underlying assumptions and expected practices in the Digital Humanities through the AIME project (Donato Ricci, Robin de Mourat, Christophe Leclercq, Bruno Latour)
• Writing Images and the Cinematic Humanities (Holly Willis)
• Beyond the Map: Unpacking Critical Cartography in the Digital Humanities (Tania Allen, Sara Queen)

• The Idea and Image of Historical Time: Interactions between Design and Digital Humanities (Stephen Boyd Davis, Florian Kräutli)
• Critical Interfaces and Digital Making (Steve Anderson)
• Making Culture: Locating the Digital Humanities in India (Padmini Ray Murray, Chris Hand)
• Prototyping the Past (Jentery Sayers)
• Book Art: a Critical Remix of The Electric Information Age Book (Steven McCarthy)


2017. Communication Design Educators Award for Scholarship: Published Research, Design Incubation.