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Scholarly Interests

Design of Scholarly Publishing
Critical Practices and Design Research
Design Discourse in the Public Sphere
Interactive Environments
Sound Studies
Visual Communication of Science

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Expanding the Discourse: Future Practices in Scholarly Publishing in Decipher Vol. 1 (Barness, Papaelias, Schlatter)

The Colliding Discourse of Cutting-Edge Design Practice and Serious Design Research in Decipher Vol. 1 (Barness, Mejía)

In What Ways Does Critical Practice (Re)Invigorate Design Research? in Decipher Vol. 1 (McCarthy, Barness, Modrak)

Forme et fonction éditoriales : étude sur le design des revues académiques (Editorial form and function: study on the design of academic journals) in Sciences du Design (Barness, Papaelias)

Interviewed by Jarrett Fuller on his design podcast Scratching the Surface

Dancin’ to a New Tune: The Subversive, Entrepreneurial Flexi Disc essay on Design Observer