Selected Published Articles, Essays, and Abstracts

Barness, J. (2017). Network Effect et la cacophonie humaine. Spirale (Quebec-based cultural magazine), no. 260, 38–40. Published version (French) / Original manuscript (English)

Barness, J. (2017). First Issues, First Words: Vision in the Making. Dialectic, 1(1), 39–60.

Barness, J. and McCarthy, S. (2017). Critical Making as Design Scholarship: Strategies and Opportunities. Design Incubation Colloquium 3.3. Kent State University, Kent, Ohio.

Barness, J. (2016). Designing the Emigre Magazine Index: Theory and Practice in an Alternative Research Tool. Design and Culture, 8 (2), 181–197.

Barness, J. and Papaelias, A. (2015). Critical Making at the Edges. Introduction to Visible Language special issue Critical Making: Design and the Digital Humanities, 49 (3), 4–11.

Barness, J. (2015). Letters are Media, Words are Collage: Writing Images through A (Dis)Connected Twenty-Six. Message, edition 2, 46–53. Plymouth University, UK.

Barness, J. (2015). Social Disruptions: WYSi-WE, What You See is What Emerged. Visual Communication, 14 (1), 41–48.

Barness, J. (2014). Pushing Design’s Edges with Sound Interactions. SEGD Research Journal: Communication + Place. Web version:

Barness, J. and McCarthy, S. (2014). Performing Human Pixels in Glitched: Portraits of Transformation. 9th International Committee Design History and Design Studies: Tradition, Transition, Trajectories: Major or Minor Influences? Proceedings (ICDHS). Aveiro: University of Aveiro (pp. 499-504) ISBN 978-972-789-421-5 and São Paulo: Blucher ISSN 2318-6968, DOI 10.5151/despro-icdhs2014-0071.

Barness, J. and Singer, D. M. (2013). Translating Science with Design’s Personal Voices: Toward a Critical Collaboration. Paper presented at AIGA Design Conference 'Head, Hand, Heart' Design Educators Community Session. Minneapolis, MN.

Barness, J. (2011). Common Sounds. Currents in Electronic Literacy, 12.

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