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hEar Pixels

with Vince Giles, Akron, OH

hEar Pixels is what happens when a designer and a DJ hip hop artist join forces to investigate ‘conversation as an object’. Influenced by live performance, technology, handwritten letters, and sound collage, the result is a fabricated dialogue of human interaction. This audio project is both a creative endeavor and a research tool.

Recorded digitally to be heard as an analog object: a single-side, 33-1/3 RPM Flexi disc pressed on clear, flexible PVC. Limited edition liner notes are risograph printed on French Paper Co. Newsprint Extra White 80# cover.

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// Track_01 Political Favors //
Composed and produced by Vince Giles
Vocals by Jessica Barness

// Track_02 Like a Letter, You //
Written, read, and arranged by Jessica Barness
Vocals by Jessica Barness and Vince Giles

Artwork and design: Jessica Barness
Liner notes printing: Constance New Orleans
Flexi disc manufacturing: Pirates Press


Barness, J. and Giles, V. (2017). Like a Letter, You. MATLIT: Materialidades da Literatura, 5(1), 86–87. Download PDF.

Exhibition and Portfolio

2017. In Project Passion juried design exhibition. Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN.

2016. In Intermission themed portfolio, curated by Erik Waterkotte and Shannon Collis. On display at SGC International FLUX conference, Portland State University, Portland, OR. Edition of 30. The portfolio is part of permanent collections at:

- Portland State University, Portland, OR

- Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR

- Zuckerman Museum of Art, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA


University Research Council, Kent State University
School of Visual Communication Design, Kent State University