GROUND is a one-minute exploration of place, anxiety, and socio-political strife taking place during the year 2020 in the United States. The first part of the quote featured is by Hannah Arendt (Crisis of the Republic) and I wrote the remaining text. The bitmapped, pixelated photos and super compressed video footage are used to convey the concepts of image manufacture and in/tangibility. I composed and recorded the audio track.

The project contains photos and video of ground contributed by Victoria Barness, Jordan Kauffman, Samantha Hudak, Terran Washington, Aaron Wilson, Heather Barness, Rachel Barness, David Roll, Maja Spahovic, Adam Barness, and Caitlin Giambroni.

Watch GROUND on Vimeo

2022. Published in Message journal, no. 5, special COVID-19 research issue. Direct link to the exposition.

2020. Screened at the First Annual Small File Media Festival. [original version, lo-res]. Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC.

2020. Exhibited at the Detour juried exhibition. Emery Community Arts Center, University of Maine at Farmington, Farmington, ME.

© Jessica Barness