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Glosses (Letters to X . vol/2)

Glosses is the second iteration of a larger body of work, Letters to X. Conceptually, Glosses is a critique of social media and a response to a question, “what is conversation as an object?”. The book is a dialog of typographic translations of handwritten letters and my personal reflections in the form of glossing (annotation).

The contents of the sixteen handwritten letters are typeset as phrasal templates and printed in blue, arranged as a near-continuous stream of correspondence with all salutations and closings removed. The glosses, printed in gold, are excerpts from my spoken word recording (included on the accompanying hEar Pixels flex-disc vinyl record) on the subject of correspondence and human interaction. A single keyword is included at the bottom of each page and connects with handwritten letter classifications within the Letters to X interface.

Risograph printed by Constance New Orleans on French Paper Newsprint Extra White.


2016. Text, Type, Typography juried exhibition. The Marymount California University, Marylyn & Chuck Klaus Center for the Arts, San Pedro, CA.

2017. Structure Unbound: Interdisciplinary Book Art juried exhibition. Wright State University, Dayton, OH.