Please Reply: Design Blogs and Reader Comments

/ongoing project/

In this project, I'm exploring the nature of design writing by focusing on blogs as types of everyday conversations, as designed products, and as archived texts. My work in this area centers on reader comments and the authorial activities of designers. After all, the public that reads and debates, does so in the interests of itself.

Presentation: Barness, J. (2021). Design Debates, Reader Voices, and the Histories within Design Blogs. Design History Society (DHS) annual conference, Memory Full?, virtual / Basel, Switzerland.

Article: Barness, J. (2021). Inquiries on the Everyday Online Conversations of Design: Typologies, Comments, and Threads. The Design Journal. (accepted manuscript version / PDF)

Presentation: Barness, J. (2017). Everyday Design Conversations and Our Public Sphere presentation. AIGA National Design Conference (DEC session), Minneapolis, MN.

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