Co-Collage Remix

collaboration with Steven McCarthy

Co-Collage Remix is an interactive collage that involves images, motion, sound and user-determined input. The original collages (12 x 12" paper-based) were traded back and forth by the artists, adding and subtracting imagery in an iterative manner. They were then animated as digital collages and put on a website with user-toggled layers of geometric patterns that obscure parts of the collage images while illuminating a surface of subtle abstract motion. Sound files, themselves collaged through digital audio techniques, add commentary – both literally and figuratively – to the visual aspect. The goal of the piece is to provide a few moments of amused interaction, a commentary on how order and chaos co-exist.

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Barness, J. and McCarthy, S. (2021). On display at the juried exhibition All Together Now: Sound x Design at the Design Museum of Chicago, November 13, 2021 – April 3, 2022.

© Jessica Barness